Which milk products can I eat when I am lactose intolerant?

We all know milk contains lactose. But what about cheese, yoghurt and milk powder? What can you still eat when you are lactose intolerant?

Which milk products can I eat when I am lactose intolerant?

Thankfully, there are some cheeses you can still eat without worrying about stomach cramps or diarrhoea. Parmesan cheese, gorgonzola and pecorino are all lactose free.

Very sensitive to lactose? Pick products that contain no or almost no lactose. Are you less sensitive, than you can also try feta cheese for example.

Which milk products should I remove from my diet when I am lactose intolerant?

Please be careful with everything that contains milk powder. Milk powder contains a lot af lactose. These products shouldn’t be included in your diet. You can find milk powder in some cookies, cakes and pizza crusts


Still want to eat/drink lactose?
You can use lactose intolerance pills! Read everything about them in our guide.


Milk and cheese
Amount of lactose (per 100 grams)
Skim cow’s milk 4.7
Semi-skimmed cow’s milk 4.6
Full cow’s milk 4.5
Buttermilk 4.1
Full milk powder 35.1
Skim milk powder 50.5
Sheeps milk 4.5
Goat milk 4.2
Buffalo milk 4.9
Full yoghurt 3.2
Semi-skimmed yoghurt 3.3
Skim/fat free yoghurt 3.1
Cream 3.21
Butter 4
Curd 2.6
Cheddar cheese 0.23
Mozzarella (cow’s milk) 1,5 – 2
Goat cheese 1,5 – 2
Ricotta (sheep milk) 3.2
Fresh ricotta 4.0
Taleggio 0
Gorgonzola 0
Fontina 0
Provolone 0
Parmigiano Reggiano 0
Grana Padano 0
Formaggino 0
Feta 0,5
Edam 1
Grated Parmesan cheese 0.15
Swiss kaas 0.06
Matured Gouda Cheese 0

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