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If you’ve been lactose intolerant for a while, chances are you either used Lactaid® Pills or you’ve seen them somewhere in a store or online. Lactaid® is the most well-known brand of lactose intolerance pills. Lactaid® has lots of happy customers, but I thought it would be useful to write a review about their lactase pills and explain to you the pros and cons of all their different lactase supplements.

Lactaid® Original Strength Caplets

Lactaid originalThe Lactaid® Original Strenght Caplets are low-dosed lactase pills. Don’t let the label fool you: you need three caplets to reach the FCC amount of the Lactaid® Fast Act pills (9000 FFC). The Original Strength Caplets only have a dose of 3000 FFC per caplet. The low dosage makes this supplement expensive when you eat or drink a lot of lactose. There are better and cheaper alternatives, including some other Lactaid® products described on this page.

FFC: 3000 FFC per caplet
Amount of pills:  120

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Lactaid® Fast Act Chewables

The Lactaid® Fast Act Chewables are perfect for people who have trouble swallowing tablets or pills. You can chew them and you don’t need water to take them. Excellent when you are on the road and don’t have access to water. The pills have a chalky vanilla flavor, so that can be a bit off-putting. There are quite a few people who complain about these pills not working or about causing diarrhea or stomach pain.

FFC: 9000 FFC per chewable
Amount of pills:  32 or 60

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Lactaid® Fast Act Caplets

Lactaid fastact capletsThe Lactaid® Fast Act Caplets also have a high dose of 9000 FFC. This makes them ideal for higher doses of lactose per sitting. What makes them different from the Lactaid® Fast Act Chewables is their form. You have to swallow this pill and take it with water. An upside of the caplets is that they don’t have the chalky vanilla flavor.

FFC: 9000 FFC per caplet
Amount of pills:  32 / 60 / 96 / 288

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